Facebook Piloting New Profile Search Feature On Profile Pages

facebook-newlogo2-1920If you’ve ever needed to find something on a friend’s profile, you’ve likely found yourself dong a good amount of scrolling. An option to find specific posts on an isolated profile page hasn’t existed — but some folks have spotted one in the wild.

The Huffington Post’s Business editor, Alexander Kaufman, saw the above search box that relegated the search function to a specific profile. Mashable was also able to replicate the feature, along with the specific results, and was able to confirm that this was in fact a test that was being piloted. A Facebook spokesperson stated:

We’re piloting a way to search for people’s posts from within their Profiles. You can only search for posts that you can already see on their Timelines.”

This functionality could be a boon for brands, as well. A search function on Facebook pages would give customers another route to quickly find recent news. A search of Nike’s Page for “running” or Marketing Land’s for “Martech” could help folks get the precise news from a single source.

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